Everyone Is Very Nice Here

by M. Roosevelt

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released September 14, 2013

Mike Rasimas - all instruments, recording, etc.

Produced by M. Roosevelt & Matt Diamond

Mastered by Jackson Shelton

All songs written by Mike Rasimas except:
Black Cloud - written by Mike Rasimas & Matt Diamond

Album Art by Brendan Albetski




M. Roosevelt Beacon, New York

the hurt

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Track Name: Magic 27
I've taken that slow poison
Head's burnin up, feet are frozen
Don't care for restitution
My new year's resolution
There's nothin in front of me
Time is a memory
I've taken that slow poison
I'm ready for forward motion

Doesn't matter if it's LA
Doesn't matter if it's New York City
It's who you think you are
That tells me what you need
That magic 27
Will cure your great depression
Come on, let's roll the dice
Come on, let's play with fire

Don't hesitate
Don't hesitate, come on, take it all

It's who you wanna be
Hair's kinda blond for a black sheep
Track Name: Black Cloud
There's my little man
With his gun in his hand
They kicked him, and dragged him
Now he's coming back at them
He follows the black cloud
Running through the crowd
Little man, made of lead
With bullets for friends

Little man, he fell unconscious
He fell unconscious to the ground
Little man, he woke up angry
Shrunk so far down
Track Name: Lie To Me
Come to me
Come at me
Don't make me go there
You're wastin my thinkin
Talk through me, lie to me

You want to break through alone?
You ought to learn

There's no sense in defense
You make me wonder

There's something massive in there
It's something mean, are you scared?

You want to break through alone?
You ought to learn

You're done for
You're fucked now
Come closer
Get further
Talk through me, lie to me
Track Name: Terrible Dream
Waiting for the sun to rise
And free me from this terrible dream
Seeing all the motorcars racing
Down the pathless roads

I'm awake
I'm afraid
There's no more time to make mistakes

Going to a conclusion, finally
It's like I'm not the one in control

I'm a waste
I'm afraid
I'm not one to make escapes
Track Name: The Modern Penny
I can't find my way outside
The empty streets don't tell a lie
No girls to scare me off
A space that only leaves me lost

I think the shadows swirl around
But the darkness binds them to the ground
I think the trees sway in the wind
But there's no breeze to sound their hymn

My heart is in my head
And this is all I'll give