the hurt

by M. Roosevelt

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released July 13, 2016

Mike Rasimas - all instruments and production




M. Roosevelt Beacon, New York

the hurt

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Track Name: dorveille
i'm going around
i know i'm walking
but i'm in dorveille
so i've got no opinion
i'm in dorveille

when you come over
look me in the eye
i know what i'm seeing
but i'm in dorveille
so i've got no feeling

i want to be alive
to receive your sweet love
and put my hand to your heart
and yours to mine
but we're in dorveille
Track Name: arson?
i'm screaming
we have to cut it out
my insides are bleeding
no more fucking around
we captured a feeling
that's rotting now
it's coming off, it's peeling
scaling the walls of the home we found
scaling the walls of the home we found
scaling the walls of the home i'll burn
the home i'll burn down
unless we cut it out
unless we cut it out, i'm screaming
Track Name: kiln
what are you gonna do with me?
i am a torch
and i will burn forever
unless you snuff me out
you can let it go
you can ignore the glow
but even if i was only smoldering
if that was all that was left of me
fumes are this poor man's flame
and you would have to cough eventually
Track Name: banter
don't know why i'm talking to you anyway
as if the hurt will dissipate into the energy
instead it'll spread over my eyes
down to my lungs like a disease
and the chatter will cease
Track Name: villain
this one's gonna sting
smash the bottle open
and drink the glass in
so you won't feel a thing
you won't know what you're saying
with your mouth all cut and numb

i'll turn you into a villain
with a shit eating grin
everyone else is already afraid of you
and i'm too dumb to give in
i'll make a show of what i'm thinking of
a timeless production
a labor of love

i'll turn you into a villain
Track Name: if i get the call
it takes a lot to laugh
it takes you to fuck around
but if i get the call
oh babe
if i get the call

i want to come home to you
where everything's on the verge
of being out of control
of being real cool
i'm dumb
and i'll meet you at the ragged edge
and i don't want to go on
unless it's on the ragged edge
but if i get call
oh babe
if i get the call
Track Name: last breath
look what's dragged the cat in
it's mighty fine
never thought this would happen
but when it's time, it's time
the hour's late
i'm going insane
the way the light dances across your memory

the last of the flame
i'm in the shadow of your collar bone
looking up at your neck
i've got nothing left
if i could see your eyes
i might destroy myself
i could die and i'd be fine
with your love as my last breath
Track Name: red button
the red button
any minute now
could be pressed
could obliterate us
i can't touch
i can only watch
you've got the fingers
to press and push us into nothing
oh babe
Track Name: the letting
there is an itch
inside my body
that if i were to scratch
would burst the blister that ruins me
if i had a day
or an evening
during which i could scratch
i could bleed my undoing
crimson color shining

i could drift
from this world to the next
and if i were to sleep
i wouldn't wake in this wilderness
the reddening tile
the scenery suggests
an environment of comfort
where my slowing heart could rest
where i wouldn't exist